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Do You Have These Latest Notebook Accessories With You

The market for notebook is growing exponentially these days. According to a recently survey, notebook market is growing at a rate of over 20% annually in the North American region. Consumers are increasingly turning to notebook from their old desktop computers. As the manufactures are introducing exciting new features and accessories with their products to offer their consumers a whole new computing experience, many people are can`t help replacing their old desktop computers with swanky and portable notebooks. The other reason for the skyrocketing popularity of them is their decreasing in value. A recently survey indicates that the notebook manufacturers are constantly slashing the prices of their notebook products to target new consumer segments and create a niche for their products.

As a result of the slashing price of the notebooks, more and more people are gaining access to using these portable computing devices these days. Be it a student, a working professional or a businessman, everybody prefers notebook over a desktop computer for its portability factor. The widespread use of notebooks is the main reason why many computer manufacturers have introduced a wide range of notebook add-ons and other accessories that not only enhance the users` computing experience but also make working with a notebook safer. Let`s take a look at some of the most exciting notebook accessories you can buy: Surge Protector: Your notebook is an expensive device and it runs on power. More often than not, you use the power adaptor with the wall outlet to charge it. However, an unexpected power surge can damage your notebook`s motherboard.

This is where a surge protector can help you. Just use it between the wall outlet and the power adaptor for an additional level of safety. It`s light, portable and can be carried around in your notebook bag. Cooling Stand: Notebooks are notorious for their heat when you use them for long duration.

Although notebooks or laptops (as they say it) are meant for using on lap, it`s not actually possible to do so unless you use a cooling stand between your notebook and you lap. A notebook cooling stand will keep your notebook cool with a built-in fan. Besides, some cooling stands can also enhance the cooling convection and help your laptop save power.

If you are working for long duration on notebook, cooling stand is must-have for you. The Stand: Notebooks needn`t always be used on the lap. At times, you may want to use it like a desktop PC. A stand has been designed to help your notebook prop up on a desk and use it with a full-size USB keyboard. When you are done with your work, you can disconnect you USB keyboard and go. Bluetooth GPS: A Bluetooth GPS (Global Positioning System) is ideal for those who use GPS device to keep track of certain things.

While a full-fledged GPS device may seem expensive to you, you can use this Bluetooth GPS with your notebook with the help of and internet wireless modem and Google Map installed on your notebook. Laptop Speakers: If you want to watch any Hollywood action-packed flick on your notebook, but its sound quality is just not as impressive, just add a pair of small and portable speakers to your notebook and experience the enhanced sound quality on your notebook. They are portable and can be carried around wherever you go. Notebook Bagpack: If you are techno junky and prefer to carry most of your devices including your notebook and its accessories, a bagpack is the just the one for you. Light in weight and stunning in design, a notebook bagpack lets you carry your digital world around with you.

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