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Symantec Norton Antivirus 2005
The statistics on how quickly your internet connected computer will become infected by viruses, worms or other menaces without adequate virus protection are simply staggering. We aren't talking about months, weeks or even days until infection... we're talking hours! So the real question is, who's going to be your defender against all of this?

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12
Corel's latest release of their CorelDRAW Graphics Suite product further refines the major improvements that were found in the previous Version 11 release. Version 11 was critical in improvement to the interface, feature set and overall application stability. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 takes this sound foundation and adds a number of convenience and design time saving features.

Microsoft FrontPage 2003
FrontPage has long been a comfortable place for both novices and seasoned web designers to create their web sites. It has always been superb at handling "site" creation rather then just "page" creation. It has had a history of versions that attempt to refine the product in an evolutionary way with small improvements in functionality and stability.

Sonic Foundry ACID Pro 3
Without a strong musical background, anyone interested in composing their own music were basically left stuck being unable to create music. That is, until Sonic Foundry produced ACID Pro 3. ACID Pro enables the user to create professional quality music with the ease of using a paint brush. No musical background? No problem! This application lets you focus on the sound of the music rather than the rules and complexities of music creation.

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