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Dryer Exhaust What You Need To Know

When we talk about the effectiveness of your clothes dryer, the exhaust is an important factor because of one thing - it gives your drying machine breeding space. Try to imagine what actually happens in your clothes dryer while it's working. There is a lot of wet clothes that needs to be dried, the heater is working and delivering hot air to slowly dry your clothes. There is a lot of steamy, hot air int machine and that hot air needs to get out.

The only way to release it is through clothes dryer exhaust. If there is not enough space for hot air to get out through the duct and out of your home, then the machine will work under strained circumstances. That will cause more malfunctions, and besides that, you clothes will dry much longer.

This way, you lose time and you lose your money. The reason is improper dryer exhaust. Let's talk about one hypothetical situation. If the clothes dryer does not have any exhaust, then the hot air would built up and create enormous pressure. There would be a explosion and the clothes dryer would be on fire. Of course, all clothes dryers have exhausts but if they are not providing enough airflow, the similar thing would happen.

There would be a malfunction and there would be a fire. It's as simple as that. There is a statistic which will show you how important good airflow really is. In US, there are 16,000 clothes dryers being destroyed by fire due to bad exhasut system. And every year those 16,00 fires cause $84 million in property damage. Not enough maintenance and lack of proper repairs are main cause of this.

Dirty vents are the numer one cause of all household fires in US! That's a big reason for you to take care of clothes dryer exhaust. Make sure to remove the lint from the duct and clean the lint filter properly. One more important issue I need to remind you of is the exterior and interior venting.

Do not ever, under any circumstances try to create interior clothes dryer venting system. It's a mistake many people make and they are paying big time for it. Especially if they own a gas clothes dryer, the combustion products are extremely dangerous to be inhaled and there should be proper exterior dryer venting installed. Make sure your dryer exhasut is safe, for your and your family's sake.

Always use exterior venting. Last, but not least important, is the length of your duct length. The distance between the dryong machine and exterior venting point should never be longer then 60 feet. And if you have a duct that long, always use clothes dryer boost exhasut fan to make airflow more efficient and safe.

There will be no hot air to make damage and the lint would be less of a problem with a exhasut fan. Take care of the safety issues first, always.

Gillian has been working for Fantech for seven years now. On her site about clothes dryers there is a lot more informations on dryer exhaust and clothes dryer repair.

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