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One of the best free home based business sources for help is offered by those who have been there, done that themselves. Hold on to your hat because you are going to love this. Retired executives that volunteer their time through an organization called SCORE. Service Corps of Retired Executives has thousands of volunteers in almost 400 offices all over the United States. More than 7 million business owners have found valuable free home based business help from SCORE. Home based entrepreneurs can get free SCORE help in one of three different ways.

The business owner can go to the nearest SCORE office and meet with a volunteer one on one for free help with home based business set up, problems or growth issues. My experience shows this to be the most effective source for instant help and understanding. He or she can attend one of the many SCORE seminars and workshops available.

The third alternative is to go to the SCORE Web site and peruse the material there for free, or you can ask your home based business question of an appropriate SCORE expert from the online list. The SCORE Web site has a reading room, full of business articles for free, not only for home based but also for any type of business large or small, start up or expanding. An entrepreneur can access articles, for example, that discuss legal issues, managing a business office, writing a business plan, online business, buying a business, selling a business, raising capital for your business, marketing, public relations, customer services, sales, leadership, human resource issues, and training. On the site you can read articles that tell her how to effectively interview potential employees, how to choose between a limited liability company or S Corporation, how to avoid ecommerce mistakes and much more. I have used this source myself and was stunned by the quality of people they have their. They are old, better than the alternative.

They are peaceful. They are shockingly smart. They are humble.

They are precise. One hour with one of these people feels like three weeks of intense training. They know everything. They are nice.

Your confidence in your goals will be much higher when you come out than it was when you went in. If you want to ask a SCORE volunteer for free advice about your home based business start up you can access the SCORE site easily. The business owner will be able to view a list of counselors, which indicates their names, their locations and their area of expertise. She can choose the one that seems the best match for the kind of help she needs. The entrepreneur's free home based business assistance search starts by indicating keywords.

He can choose to narrow down the list by geographic area should he later wish to meet with the volunteer in person. The site also has a number of success stories posted about small and home based business owners who sought and got free advice from SCORE and succeeded in their business endeavors. There's nothing like a story of success to keep a fledgling business owner motivated. If you do not have an organization in your country like we have in the USA you should suggest to your government that they start one.

Everyone will benefit.

James M. Lowe writes original articles about home business opportunities.

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