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Information about HP Compaq p Notebook PC Features

The HP Compaq 2510p is a new ultra-light professional level business notebook PC from HP which is powered by 1.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Processor U7600 and it features 12.1-inch WXGA TFT display, Wireless 802.11 Wi-Fi LAN connection, integrated Bluetooth connection, Fingerprint sensor and 8X double layer (8.5 GB) DVD writer drive. The 2510p is a highly-anticipated ultra-portable notebook from HP Compaq (seriously, can't they just pick one name and stick with it?) that is aimed squarely at business users who demand portability over all-out performance.

It's been completely redesigned and packs all the latest in portable technology. Most ultra-portable notebooks ship with a 12-or13" display, and the 2510p uses a 12.1" display that has a widescreen aspect ratio, with a matte rather than glossy finish. The matte finish helps reduce glare that is so common to glossy displays, but it is arguably less "shiny and pretty" in our opinion. The big deal with the 2510p is it's the first Windows-based notebook to use LEDs to backlight the display rather than a cold cathode backlight. The benefits to this approach, based on what we've read, is more even and consistent lighting, lack of backlight poking through on the top or bottom of the display, and less battery usage.

We have to say that it does look good, though it's by no means a mind-blower. At first glance it's hard to really tell the difference to be honest, but after using it for awhile and doing side-by-side comparisons, it does look more even and "normal" in terms of the lighting. Overall, we like it but it did not blow us away. You won't find a Webcam or media control buttons on the 2510p, but you do get a fingerprint reader, plus more of the touch-sensitive buttons we like so much. Besides a volume scroll bar, tiny buttons along the top of the keyboard tray can launch a display utility for routing your signal to external display (useful when showing off PowerPoint presentations), control the Wi-Fi antenna, and bring up a window with all the built-in security programs in one place. These programs include HP's ProtectTools, which can encrypt a hard drive so that data on the drive can't be read unless an authorized user is logged in.

That way, even if the laptop is stolen and the drive removed, sensitive information remains safe. Dual pointing devices give flexibility in usage ?a touchpad as well as a pointing stick having their own left and right click buttons. Touch sensitive buttons above the regular keyboard include volume controls, wireless on / off, Presentation and HP QuickLook buttons. It also has a FireWire port, 2 USB ports, card reader and a fingerprint sensor.

A webcam is missing ? even a VGA camera would have helped business users in video conferencing. Similarly, a third USB port would have given the user more flexibility in attaching peripherals. The unit we received for testing includes a six-cell battery, but a three-cell and a nine-cell are also available. To put the battery to the test we charged it to 100 percent, unplugged it from AC power, and started our stopwatch. At the default brightness setting, with Wi-Fi enabled and a DVD playing we arrived at a final time of three hours and 35 minutes. Overall that's not too shabby, and is about what we would expect from an ultra-portable notebook.

HP Compaq 2510p Notebook PC Features :- Processor Speed 1.06 GHz Installed Memory 1 GB Maximum Memory 2 GB Memory Technology DDR II SDRAM Cache Size 2 MB Storage Hard Drive Capacity 60 GB Display and Graphics Display Size 12.1 in Battery Battery Type Lithium ion Communications and Networking Modem Speed 56 Kbps Network Support Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, IEEE 802.

11b, IEEE 802.11a, IEEE 802.11g Software Operating System Microsoft Windows Vista Business Connectors Interface Provided VGA, Phone line, Headphone, Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T Warranty Warranty Information 3 years warranty Base Warranty 3 years warranty General Product Info Input Devices Keyboard, Touchpad, Pointing stick Included Sound Card Sound card Weight 2.9 lbs.

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