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Internet Communication Made Easy for NET Developers

Save time developing efficient and clean client-server products in .NET environment. .Developing Internet-based projects is arguably the most common task for .NET developers. .

NET Framework offers extensive support for most communication protocols, which makes such projects faster and easier to develop than using traditional programming languages and development environments. .It works great for common tasks, but what if your project requires communications more complex than offered by .NET Framework? The abilities of the .NET Framework are quite limited.

For example, by using bare Framework functionality, you would have to implement support for receiving and parsing data, and generate code to support standard cryptographic protocols. And most importantly, the .NET Framework, while offering extensive support for HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, and DNS protocols for developing client applications, hardly includes any server application support for these protocols.

.Clever Internet .NET Suite by Clever Components offers a cost-efficient, royalty-free solution for .NET developers. It extends .NET Framework by implementing both client and server-based components for FTP, SMTP, and POP3 protocols, while supporting multiple Internet protocols, including HTTP, WebDAV, IMAP, NNTP, DNS, and S/MIME.

The components support data compression and secure transmission. .Developing email products becomes faster, easier and more reliable with Clever Internet .NET Suite.

Using components from Clever Internet .NET Suite you can easily create and send a message in practically any format, including HTML formatted messages, embedded images and complex attachments. Even exotic formats such as Hotmail are supported!. .Developing an email application that does not require a dedicated SMTP server to send messages is also easy thanks to built-in SMTP Relay support.

Full S/MIME support enables you to easily empower your product with email encryption and digital signatures. .Corporate developers will certainly appreciate support of SSL / TLS protocols for secure data transmission. Clever Internet .NET Suite offers royalty-free, pure managed .

NET components based on a C# code base, with no external dependencies. Clever Components is constantly updating its products, and offers a full year of free updates and dedicated technical support to all customers, making Clever Internet .NET Suite a safe investment. .Clever Internet .NET Suite is available as a free demo Download.

.Best regards,. .Alexandre Poloziouk
Clever Components team.


Alexandre Poloziouk is a co-founder of Clever Components company located in California, USA. The company develops RAD Delphi and C# components for Internet and database development.

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