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MACHINE TOOL TECHNOLOGY: Now a days all over world Engineering Industries demanding automation.Due to higher operator cost,non availability of skilled workers & demand of better & better quality products tends industry to go for automation.In Europe,America & Now in Asia also people are using CNC machines.

Although it is a little difficult to use CNC machinery as compare to conventional but it has lot of Advantages,like better accuracy (In 0.005/0.010mm),mass production becomes much easier,Rejectioncost lesser & any uneven shape can be made so easily with help of CNC machines.

In engineering field like automobiles,bearing,Textiles,Die-moulds,& in fiedd which demands mass production or good accuracy these CNC machines are advisable. Although some disadvatages are alos there with CNC like Skiskilled programmer,high machine cost,operating cost,Toolingn cost & inventory ot latest indexable tooling,cutters,inserts,Power consumption & some mainenance parts also. In cnc application most popular is CNC turning machine,then machines like Vertical machining center,Horizontal machining centers,CNC milling,CNC boring,CNBC turret punch press,CNC wire cut,CNC Radial drill,CNC laser cutting machine & now one more application is working well that is CNC water jet cutting machine. With use of CNC machines people became much more educated about their products,they demand their special prices & with reply to that they can give better qualiy end products,goods in time delivery is possible & mass production has became very easier.Of course the Large work ecompanies nowadays ofload their work outside & they demand some good accuracy level,delivery in sharpe schedule & packing as per their requirement.So it becomes very simple with automation of machinery,assembly stage automation & robots help a lot in direction of automation.

In automation of machinery latest technology has been adopted.Use of very high radip rate in machine tools is common now a days.Much more time has been saved when you are using rapid rates of 50 or even 100m/min,in machinery like turning & machining centers.Not only these rapid rates but tools clamping,tool changing is also important.

With latest ATC,Turrets,tool indexing is very fast as well more accurate.High rpm spindles,chucks,high efficient bearings one could not image RPM of 10000 in CNC lathes.Even technology has make some great invention that Grindig process has been completed in turning machines with same grinding finish & accuracies.Latest AC servo drives,AC servo motors day by day technology demand more & more quality machines.

So end of the day people can achive their end products much faster with more accuracy. In Asia automation of machinery has history of almost more than 2/3 decades.Initially it was began from Japan,China & then TTaiwan,now India has made very good growth in Automation.Taiwan machinery became much more popular as they can give delivery intime,they win on mass production of these machinery.

Bench production made by them leade them not only to give nos.of machines in production but accuracies much better.Tehy can workout very competitive prices as they buy the main accessories like CNC contollers,CNC drives,CNC motors,Ballscrews,LM gudeways,encoders in bigger volumes.So producion has become much easier,at the same time they can give very attractive prices.

In other asian countries like India,Pakistan,Srilanka these nos.of CNC machine manufactuerers is incresing day by day.Main advantage to them is they can sell more easily & at the same time they can give services efficiently as they are based locally.So service is also performing a key roll in selling of these products.

Once machine is under breakdown no one can find problem in it,but techincal or mintenance enginner can recfify the same.So the company which give best services will win at the end of the day.So diffrent giant companies which are invloved in manufactuing of CNC machines has to make some network which can help them in Sales & services.It should not restrit to some particular country but should be chennalize all over world or all the coutries when they see good potential or good market of those machinery. So finlly we believe strongly that tomorrow will be a day of automation.Engineering industries will survive or even grow much faster with aid of latest technoly,latest machinery,Technocrates,Latest version of cad-cam or softwares which can run machinery.

People can get their end products from machinery while sitting in their offices at the same time finish goods will be much more realible,more accurate with better finish.Of course little expensive but to pay little more will not be a big questtion. All the best to CNC automation industries.

Niraj Pasawala is technical writer for MACHINE TOOLS TECHNOLOGY OM ENTERPRISE INDIA

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