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Make Your Own Biodiesel Fuel

Wouldn't you love to go into your garage and whip up a batch of fuel for your car? Think of the money you would save if you could make fuel for your car from a product found in your garden? With the cost of gasoline soaring and no relief in sight, you would think that most people would welcome a fuel alternative that cost them about seventy cents a gallon. The idea sounds farfetched, but the truth is, it is an eminent reality. With a simple kitchen blender, the oil you use to fry foods in your kitchen and a few other simple and easily attained ingredients, you can make fuel you need to power your vehicle for a fraction of what you are paying for gas now.

Biodiesel is a biodegradable fuel alternative that is produced from domestic resources, such as soybeans, which are entirely renewable. This amazing fuel alternative is completely nontoxic and safe to handle and use. The emissions generated from biodiesel are not dangerous like the emissions wrought from the burning of fossil fuels. In fact biodiesel is so safe for the environment, that table salt was found to have a higher level of toxicity.

Biodiesel isn't like any other alternative fuel, because it has passed all of the safety requirements set by the EPA and it can be used in the car you already have without any special modifications. Most alternative fuels require special modifications to your engine, but biodiesel is ready to work for you right away. That means that you don't need to buy any special tools or gadgets to use this incredible fuel in your family car. If you want to purchase biodiesel for your family vehicle, you might have to travel a long path to find a station that sells it in their pumps. You could purchase it from a distributor or manufacturer or you could simply and easily make your own batch. It doesn't take a degree in chemistry to make your own biodiesel.

Whether you have a blender, a soda bottle, or a huge mixing tank, you have the tools and resources necessary to make this amazing alternative fuel. To make biodiesel, you need vegetable oil, alcohol, and lye. By mixing alcohol and lye, sodium methoxide is created. This concoction is then mixed with vegetable oil to create biodiesel and the by product of glycerin. The two are separated and the biodiesel is ready to be added to your gas tank.

Making biodiesel really is that simple. If you are squeamish about making fuel in a blender, you can purchase a biodiesel kit that contains all of the tools you need to make your own fuel.

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