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A year after the Windows VISTA (Longhorn) Operating System release, Microsoft's redundancy remains infamous. The VISTA Registry and operating system does nothing to harm their legacy of improving nothing. "notta". It appears that once again Microsoft has made changes for the sole purpose of making changes.

If there is any rational reasoning for VISTA, it appears to only be for the purpose of enhancing the company's bottom line and try to keep the stock holders at bay. It is rife with issues that plagued Windows 2000, was not corrected in Windows XP and remains in VISTA. Microsoft's strategy certainly has the propensity to backfire this time.

VISTA is surely not more user friendly than the programs it was intended to supplant which are many more than NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. This operating system is not more productive than it's predecessors. It is certainly not less expensive nor less prone to attack from hackers, hijackers, Trojans, viruses, spy ware or ad ware. It is more cumbersome, more memory hungry, more restrictive, more intrusive and s.


r than any Microsoft program before it, or of any of the Windows competitors and alternatives. In the humble opinion of Remote Helpdesk 1, VISTA is the greatest technological disappointment of 2007. After six or seven years in development, is the best they could come up with an operating system with such a gross lack of device drivers, with little to no production software compatibility, with unprecedented little or no backwards compatibility, with complicated user privilege restrictions and isolations and user account controls? The operating system formerly known under the code name Longhorn certainly has long tentacles if not long horns. Microsoft is not abashed about exercising it's control over as much of it's clients' computers, lives, and businesses as possible. Microsoft has proven over and over again that it has a thirst for control that cannot be satisfied.

It can, however, be controlled. If this were a controlling spouse, the very people who flock to and must have everything and every release Microsoft regardless of the price in dollars, sanity and productivity would be shouting from the roof tops for the offended party to get away. Yet like the abused spouse these folk keep declaring their love for Microsoft and clamoring for more abuse to prove your love to me. Maybe, just maybe, VISTA is the straw that broke the camel's back.

Like the abused partner in a relationship who has finally had enough and runs to a shelter or calls the police, Microsoft's customers have begun to rebel. They are, in droves, complaining to PC manufacturers and running back to Windows XP in an effort to escape from this monster (whether perceived or real) VISTA. PC Users are tired of Microsoft telling them how and when to update their operating systems, and of sneaking in the back door and taking it upon themselves to change your computer if you do not comply. The masses do not like to be told what they can listen to and what they can't, what they can watch and what they can't, and the people appear to be tiring of Microsoft's trump card of suspending support for over priced and over regulated programs.

Microsoft will eventually try to force everyone to use Windows VISTA by stopping support for Windows XP as they have all previous operating systems. No wonder they changed the name from Longhorn. Too many Windows users are being gored as it is, and please be assured the rodeo is not over by a long shot. Like all it's predecessors, this Microsoft prize bull will only get fatter and fatter, more demanding, and more difficult to ride for those with the little to no experience or insight as daddy Microsoft releases fix after fix and service pack after service pack to fix the fixes and service packs. On the other hand being a new comer may be a blessing in disguise as these poor souls don't have Microsoft's trash (in our humble opinion) preceding VISTA to compare it with. And, for those who think VISTA is a tragedy, just wait until 2010 or sometime thereafter (thereafter has our bet) when it's successor Blackcomb aka Windows 7 gets overhauled to replace the code cannibalized for VISTA and makes it's debut.

But, first, it will probably get renamed in an unsuccessful effort to escape this farce.

Do you know what Microsoft has in store for you in 2010? Are you ready for Blackcomb? Even sounds ominous. For more go to http://remotehelpdesk1.com and click on Articles Category. See article "Biggest Tech Disappointment of 2007".
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