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No Cellular Phone Customer Service

Last month I helped somebody with an almost identical problem - no customer service, no reception on the line, etc., and it worked out ok. What we did was to contact the consumer division of the state's attorney general's office and made a complaint. Within a month, not only did the company (I think it was T-Cell or something like that, T - something, anyway) call to state that they were going to cancelling the debt, but they (the company) got in touch with the credit reporting bureaus and removed any negatives. I don't blame you for being frustrated over this. I fought a battle with the idiots at Nextel for the first four months of this year over something that was very basic.

Eventually I got somebody, at least this guy had some common sense, but it took a heck of a lot more patience than I had at the time. I was right on the verge of suing them when they finally gave it up. Unfortunately, this virtual "explosion" of cell phone technology in recent years has outpaced the support services that should go along with it. I think if I were you I would immediately send them a written letter and keep a copy stating that you want them to cancel the contract because it is they who have breached the contact both by failing to provide the service promised, and by failing to provide reasonable customer support measures. Tell them directly that if they do not refund the money you have spent so far and remove any negative entries from your credit report that you fully intend to take whatever legal action is necessary against both the company and whatever other specific persons you can identify that are responsible individually.

Tell them that you are intend to hold them liable for a violation of your state's deceptive trade practices law. Concurrent with that letter, send a letter to the attorney general's office where both you and their parent company is located, and send them a copy of that complaint letter as well. You might also make a complaint to the consumer division of the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, D.

C., but don't count on a whole lot of help from them, especially with a Republican administration presently in power.Their heart is with business, not you. And get your service from somebody else - don't use their phones anymore so you won't give them any excuse to bill you further. The thing with most of the cell phone companies is that when you need help and you call the number on the phone or the number that they told you to call, you spend more time on the phone waiting to talk to someone then you do talking with that person about your problem. This is one of the ways that they get you to pay more on your phone because of all that time you spend listening to music or whatever they have while you're on hold.

You might want to try going down to one of the stores that your cell phone is from and talk with one of the sales people in there and see what can be done. At least that why you will have talked to someone face to face, then talking to someone that you have no idea what they could be doing to help you with your problem.

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