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Of Mobile Phones and Men

The mobile phone. Perhaps man greatest contribution in his ever-going zeal to better the course of humanity, the mobile phone has evolved from the A.G. Bell's crude invention to the ultimate communications gadget. But how much benefit did humanity received from it? Not trying to sound philosophical here, but the mere usage of cell phone has created a wedge among peoples and thus further segregated the already established caste among them. How do you define benefits and separate it from detriments? The higher end of the world's population owns the latest and the people from the middle class have mid-range phones in their possession, while people from the bottom of the pyramid are pretty much on the "making do with what they have attitude.

" I think it is self-explanatory and ubiquitously evident that mobile phones are still used as luxury statements that separate people's standing in life. No matter how common and vitally important the mobile phone is to a certain individual, one cannot deny that mobile phones are used as a dividing tool among peoples instead of the other way around. Of course, the benefits of having a mobile phone can't be denied. Keeping connected and being able to communicate with loved ones without the hassle brought by wires is one of the great joys we are having.

We are more connected within our own circle and allow us to establish and pursue friendly and romantic relationships. We can say out loud our emotions and feeling without fear of rejection and shame. One can now entertain himself and others through the features their mobile phones possess.

Mobile phones have created this 'traffic control system' in its users' lives and so far, it has been doing a good job on it. But then, constant communication has its downsides as well. Say for example, a young teenage boy belongs to a gang of bullies; he can use his mobile phone to maintain or establish contact with his peers whether for communication purposes or otherwise, you get my drift, don't you? Being tied to the mobile phone has some adverse effects on its users.

Language experts and social scientists have studied how people behave with regards to mobile communication. Findings have concluded that some users have adopted the bizarre way writing of SMS (short-messaging service) outside the mobile communication purposes instead of using their standards of written language. High school students were found to be the majority of this group of individuals. Other reports conclude that mobile phone users are now more attached to the virtual world they have created with their mobile phones. Some people, for example, have engaged in consensual sex through SMS.

That is facilitated by sending sexually explicit text messages in efforts to arouse the virtual partner and achieve orgasm. Also, a few numbers of individuals have created an intense connection with their mobile phones that they spend more time and money on enhancements such as cell phone antenna, cell phone cases and cell phone covers (go to www.accessorygeeks.com) rather than develop and strengthen mature and established relationships with other members of the society.

Such manners violate common norms and mores of today. There are still other things that the cell phone can either be applauded for or blamed upon. But the bottom line of this matter is that the users themselves and their social network have a great part of their behavior as mobile phone users. The mobile phone is not a moving force on its lonesome.

It is simply a tool designed for the betterment of man and his peers. But then, life wouldn't be as spicy if some nuts are missing, right?.

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