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Personalised Zippo Lighter

Personalised Zippo Lighter Our Personalised Zippo Lighter is a fantastic engraved lighter, available in 2 finishes. Zippo are the most famous and collected lighters in the world and this one can be personalised with up to 50 characters of your choice! With either a brushed solid brass or brushed chrome finish, you really can personalise this stylish lighter to anyone's taste. Whether you buy lighters for lighting candles, cigarettes or waving in a crowd at a boy band concert, the Personalised Zippo Lighter adds a touch of style when you need a flame to hand. Personalise the lighter with a name, message or date to create unique gift for any occasion. Do you have a question about this product? Email us now Personalised Zippo Lighter The Personalised Zippo Lighter is available in either brushed chrome or solid brushed brass The Zippo lighter can be personalised with up to 50 characters This personalised lighter come in a Zippo presentation box The lighter measures 40 mm x 60 mm 13 mm The Personalised Zippo Lighter is a fantastic gift for ages 16 to 160! The engraved Zippo lighters are available on a UK next working day service when ordered before 11am.

Standard turnaround is 10 working days from receipt of order. An interesting fact about Zippo Lighters: The Zippo Lighter was invented by George Blaisdell in 1932 after seeing a beautifully attired gentleman using a scruffy lighter. After a few years of trial and error he got his lighters down to a smaller size that fitted into the palm of your hand with a wind shield and hinged top.


html Zippo lighters to this day are renowned for their excellent quality and our Personalised Zippo Lighter raises the bar, allowing you to personalise your lighter with a message, choose the finish you desire and help create a fantastic gift. Chuck out those throwaway plastic lighters and pick up a stylish engraved Zippo, you'll never go back. What's in the Personalised Zippo Lighter box? 1 x Personalised Zippo Lighter http://www.find-me-a-gift.

co.uk/personalised-zippo-lighter.html From plates to pens, Find Me A Gift has personalised anniversary or birthday gifts for all the family.

Our personalised gifts and ideas are suitable for mothers day, an anniversary, fathers day or as personalised birthday or Xmas presents. Whether you would like a personalised birthday present or mothers day gift, we have something to suit. Fast UK delivery and worldwide shipping available on all personalised presents.

For any additional information on the zippo lighter or any of our personalised gifts please email info(at)findmeagift.com or call 01926 640710 Regards Jessie Jones Gadget specialist - find-me-a-gift.

Jessie joined Findmeagift.com a few months ago and has been writing fabulous articles ever since.

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