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Quick and Effective Microsoft Trojan Removal

Microsoft Trojan removal is a necessary part of having a computer. If your computer is running much slower than usual, you are getting spam or pop up ads, or your PC is freezing, crashing, or delayed in response, these are good signs that you have threats that need to be removed on your computer. Some of the other symptoms include:

1. New toolbars appear in your web browser
2. Strange software programs load when you start the PC

You are taken to websites that you did not request
4. You have new sites on your favorites list that you did not add
5. Your mouse button functions are reversed

Your mouse leaves a trail on your screen
7. Your modem light blinks out of control even when you are not online
8. Windows is loading slowly
9. Internet Explorer is extremely slow

Consistent error messages appear

The challenge is finding Trojans as they like to take refuge in spyware and adware and often blend to the point that they are not recognized. These files can take over your computer and make your life miserable if not dealt with. Not only will computer performance become a problem, but identity theft also becomes a concern.

In addition to Microsoft Trojan removal, the following steps will also show you how to detect and remove other forms of spyware, adware, malware, browser hijackers, trackware, spy programs, hacker tools, keyloggers, spybot worms, and other threats.

Task One: Create a Checklist of Errors and Symptoms You Have on Your PC

Many people think this step is a waste of time, but in my opinion it gives you a measurement of how many items are changed on your computer after the repair versus before.

You will then have a good idea of what was fixed by the steps below. You can then find additional solutions for remaining problems, which I will discuss in a few moments.

Think of the who, what, when, where and why of your computer problems. Just jot down anything that you have noticed as funny over time on your computer. Once you have a relatively complete list, move on to task number two.

Task Two: Locate a Quality Spyware Software that Contains a Free Scanning Tool

Do not get overwhelmed. This step seems like a lot to ask since most people are not well versed in what software to use to complete Microsoft Trojan removal. If you are not sure of what to look for, there is added stress to the process.

There are a handful of vital features to look for when choosing a product for the free scan. The most important is the size (item number) of the definitions database. This is the solutions database that recognizes and locates the threats and eliminates them with existing solutions contained in the software.

Find a product with at least 250,000 items in the database.

Another key feature to look for is one that can do more than Microsoft Trojan removal, but also the other threat types mentioned (keyloggers, adware, malware, spyware, etc).

Finally, find a product that is easy to both download and to understand once the interface is loaded on your computer. The user interface should have easy to understand navigation and have explanations for what each function does.

You can make the decision of whether or not you want real time protection (that has ongoing protection) versus an on demand scan (where you choose when to scan).

The advantage of real time is obvious constant protection against some threats attempting to load, versus an on demand that removes ones already on your PC. The advantage of an on-demand scan is that you can determine when to use the feature instead of having your system drag when the real time feels like scanning. Plus, on demand scans do not tie up as much of your system resources (causing slow downs).

Once you choose a software program for Microsoft Trojan removal, download the interface and do the most complete scanning level it offers. If you have threats that are detected, you can move on to the next step. If there are very few threats, you can make a decision about whether or not to get the full version of the software.

It is always a good idea to get the software anyway as it should be a piece of every computer owner annual maintenance plan on their computer as cyber thieves never sleep and look ways for ways to hurt you.

Task Three: Do the Repair

This is the easiest step of the process. If you detected threats on your system, now all you will need to do is purchase the repair function of the software, which gives you a one year unlimited use with most quality software programs. Simply follow the prompts that the software gives you until you arrive at the payment screen.

Choose one computer or coverage for multiples and get the software.

After running the repair (which only takes seconds), you will see the results page. You can then simply restart your PC and you will see the new results. Go back to your initial checklist and see how many of the items on your list were repaired.

Keep in mind that no single software plan is a miracle cure. You can try a second scan and repair round, or if you are serious about having proper protection on your computer, purchase a good registry repair software, general virus scan, and of course spyware software that was just used for the Microsoft Trojan removal.


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