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Should You Buy Your Kid An Ipod

Every kid that I know wants an ipod but should you buy one for yours? This is a huge question that is plaguing millions of parents just here in the US. The question is how much should you be spending on your child and if you buy him or her an ipod, won't you be spoiling them? The answer is pretty obvious really. An ipod is rather a luxury item and if you buy it for your kid then yeah, you are spoiling them.

Especially if you buy it just because they asked for it. The best way to deal with the wants of children is to make them work for the things that they don't need. First of all little kids have no need for something as fancy and expensive as an ipod anyway. So your child is probably 13 and up.

At that age they need to be learning some responsibility and they need to learn that the good things in life are things that you work for. Put them to work to earn that ipod and the chances of them really appreciating it and taking care of it are going to skyrocket. If you are planning to buy it for their birthday, the ipod might be a little extravagant. If it is one f the big birthdays like the 16th or the 19th or even the 21st then perhaps an ipod is an okay choice, otherwise you kid is gong to turn into a spoiled brat who thinks that the world should be handed to them on a platter. The fact of the matter is that the world does not work that way nor does it revolve around your son or daughter no matter how much they wish that it did.

When it comes to giving an ipod as a Christmas gift that is only really a good choice if that is all you are going to be giving your kid. And if you have a few kids you are looking at some serious bucks if you want to get one for everyone. There are other cheaper options of course. Many of the mp3 players out there can be purchased for just over a hundred dollars and they work pretty good and they hold a good number of songs.

They are not as snazzy as the ipod or as sophisticated but they will do for most kids. Especially if you are unsure of how well your child will be bale to take care of it. It is probably a good idea to start them out on a lesser model to see if they can handle the responsibility of an ipod. That is a lot of money, and while they are worth every penny, some kids just should not have them. For example, don't ever let your kid take their ipod to school.

Hundreds of them get stolen every year from just about every single school. Kids joke about the cheapest place to get an ipod being at school. You do not want to see your hard earned money go that way.

S. Stammberger is the editor of Poddies Net. A daily updated blog with information on the Apple Ipod. Get news, resources, donwloads, and a lot more.

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