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VOIP There Is No Point In Waiting To Buy Anymore

If you've been considering getting VOIP access, there really is no reason not to. The technology has advanced greatly in the last few years, and it's ready for prime time. You can actually get more features for less money with most VOIP deals, so make no mistake about the great advantages that VOIP offers to savvy consumers.

As a matter of fact, VOIP is no longer being sold as being a cheaper product, but clearly it's being positioned as a cheaper and better product. The words cheaper and better have spelled doom for the tradional telecom industry. To force an inherent change in how people live, a product must be sold on a mass scale. VOIP has now achieved a mass scale of distribution.

Cable companies, which are the leading backbone providers of broadband access, are now selling over half of the VOIP lines being installed. With the marketing clout of these large corporations behind them, a new generation of VOIP evangelists have helped forge a market of immense size. With the amount of people working for these entities, the speed of product improvement is coming even faster. Each day, new modules and add-ons are introduced which extend the basic functionality of the phones.

Is VOIP difficult to install? Not at all. Part of the rollout of VOIP has been the easy to install nature of it. You can have a VOIP connection running in under a half hour, even if you're not technically inclined. Sure, it's more complicated than an analog phone, but it can do a lot more too! If you're able to read a few instructions and plug in a few items, you will have no problem installing a VOIP phone.

Learning about the features may take some more time, but it depends on what you're trying to accomplish. Google Inc is leading the way into VOIP with a number of innovative products geared for VOIP. Google sees the opportunity in the genre, and it's no wonder why: VOIP subscribers tend to be upscale and tech-savvy. Google, who has stated that their corporate mission is to "organize the World's information", is on a mission to help spread the utilization of broadband utilities like VOIP, with the secondary goal of pushing the prices down in the process. As you can see in the last few years, prices have dropped impressively on computers, handhelds, and broadband. At some point in the future, use of all of these products will be virtually free, but ubiquitous.

If you've been putting off purchasing VOIP, I at least urge you to re-consider your decision. Open up your mind to the possibilities that exist using VOIP and shop a few plans against your current telecom account. I'm almost sure that you'll find the answer is "YES" to buying VOIP very soon.

Good luck with whatever decision you make.

Please visit the VOIP Information Page to learn more about VOIP and related technology.

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