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When Can You Get the Echostar TR

Early in 2008, the Echostar TR-40 and TR-50 converter boxes were introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show. Since then, consumers have been wondering when they will be able to buy the digital converter boxes. While they arent on store shelves yet, they soon will be.

That doesnt do much for those who have already received their coupon card in the mail. The government-issued rebate cards are beginning to find their way into peoples mailboxes, for use in purchasing a DTV box for the February, 2009 analog-to-digital switchover. At that time, analog-only television sets that receive signals via antenna will no longer work without the a converter box.

Many have been holding out in order to use them on the Echostar TR40. While there are several converter boxes in stores already, the TR40 has received f The most recent word on the Echostar TR-40 is that it should be available in stores starting in June. The conversion box is set to be priced at about $40 plus tax of course.

That just about makes it free for those with government issued DTV coupon cards. Now Echostar TR-40 isnt really a very sexy name, so Sling Media has renamed the digital-to-analog converter the Echostar/Sling Media DTVPal.

Certainly a mouthful, but DTV Pal will work as a better brand name than the TR-40.

Dish Network has publicly announced that their cost on the Echostar TR-40 will be more than the $40 sales price. So why is Dish Network bothering with this venture?

Dish Network has been struggling in recent months to keep up with DirecTV. The company probably feels that they can get their brand name in front of a lot of people who have never subscribed to a pay television service.

Selling the Echostar TR40 at a small loss will get many people to consider subscribing to Dish Network.

Their goal here will be to get the Echostar TR-40/DTVPal into the customers house, and then hopefully entice them to consider a subscription to DISH Network satellite television.

Echostar/Sling Medias secondary product introduction was the Echostar TR-50. Another hot product, the TR 50 won the Best of Consumer Electronics Show award in the Home Video division. The combo converter box and Digital video recorder has not had an exact price released. Guesses have been ranging from $99 to $199 dollars for the unit.

Current predictions are placing the product in stores around August 2008.

Consumers will not be able to use coupon cards from the DTV program for the TR-50 model. So keep your eyes peeled, the Echostar TR-40 and TR-50 conversion boxes should be arriving soon.


About the Author (text)Braxton Swingle writes about new products from Dish Network such as the Echostar TR-40. Find out more at his satellite television blog.

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