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Wow Everything Youve Always Wanted To Know About JIRA

JIRA is a type of software that makes bug tracking much easier. It also helps with issue tracking and also with project management and is designed to make it easier for your team to track work that is completed together and make it easier for amendments to be made. The main thing that the JIRA software package aims to focus on is task achievement.

One of the major benefits of this to the user is that it is a very accessible system and can often be picked up instantly by the user and the benefits can be seen very quickly. It is designed to make group work much more effective and it has become very popular across many businesses and for many different types of projects.

This type of application has become extremely popular with multinational companies and companies that share work projects between offices.

It is said that over eight thousand organisations use the application across the world and it is said that it is used in over 94 different countries in the world. These organisations are likely to choose this software to help manage work that is completed in different areas of the world.

The software is designed to make it easy for multiple users to work on a project without the fear of overwriting each others work when a document is saved and thus working to ensure that no-ones work gets deleted. The software will typically save items of work in such a way that the work done can be checked and that older versions of the piece of work can be reverted to if necessary.

There are a number of different features in a JIRA application.

It enables people to manage bugs, manage features, manage tasks and manage improvements or any issue. The interface is designed to be accessible for both technical people and members of the team that are not technical. This means that it is designed for those technophobes as well as the people that know what they are doing.

The JIRA application is said to make it easier for a business to map the processes of a custom workflow so that it is easier to keep track of the work that is completed. It is also set up to enable the users to track the changes, the components and the different versions that are used in a project. The software is also designed to make the work that is done on it custom to the needs of the user, easy to save, easy to share and easy for different people to subscribe to.

Other features of this kind of software are that it is designed with the ability to customise dashboards and to include real time statistics. This can make tracing work even easier. Another of the many benefits to the software is that it can be integrated with other items of software such as email programs and excel worksheets. It can also work with RSS, XML and source control.

It is also said to run on a wide variety of different types of hardware and a vast range of different database platforms. It is also able to cope with web based programmatic control which is applicable to SOAP, REST, and XML-RPC interfaces.

It also often comes with a support program to train you in how to set it up and use it.


About the Author (text)Shaun Parker has been working in the software industry for a number of years. He offers Subversion training and recommends http://www.clearvision-cm.com

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